Frequently asked questions

What is a Microsoft Professional exam?

The MCP or Microsoft Professional Exam is a way to prove your skills on Microsoft technology. You can sit these exams in a specialized testing center where your identity is verified and you do your test in a controlled environment or you can do a proctored online exam ( Having 1 or more MCP exams on your CV will increase your chances on that new job, the great promotion or a bump in your income.

What is Skills Support?

Online self-paced training is a great way to offer flexibility in time and place to study and it will allow you to fast forward thru all the things you are already familiar with. It can also be lonely and frustrating when the way things are explained don’t work for you, the course can patiently repeat itself dozens of times but it can’t change the way it explains a concept. Skills Support is for those lonely times when you need a helping hand or when you want to dive in a little deeper. Certified trainers that are experts in their field are available to help you and answer your questions in the weekly live Q&A sessions or written. Skills Support will also off additional materials our trainers find useful and you can look back at the recorded Q&A sessions. With a price similar to a Spotify or Netflix account (6 month subscription) you are assured that our team of specialists will support you while you are gaining those new skills.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Our payments are handled thru PayPal. With a PayPal account you can use most credit cards or pre-pay into your PayPal account.

Do I need to buy a service?

There is no requirement to purchase any of the services, however it is highly recommended. If you complete the registration form without selecting any services you will get access to the courses and the community.

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Do you have questions, suggestions, or issues about a specific course? If you’re already enrolled, please post it on your course’s discussion forum.

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